Plans & Pricing

Our hosting plans in detail. Choose the right plan for you!

  • TRIAL $1.99/3 days.
    • 7GB Storage Space
    • 600 Monthly Bandwidth
    • Free Sub-Domains
  • MINI $7.49/mo.
    • 7GB Storage Space
    • 600GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Free Sub-Domain
  • BASIC $9.49/mo.
    • 12GB Storage Space
    • 600GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Free Sub-Domain

So, why US? Because we have all-inclusive prices and unbeatable value
Other companies promise cheap hosting, but then charge extra for setup fees, higher renewal
rates, or promotional services.

1Gbps Connection

Connected to datacentre backbone

Our web servers are all connected to these 1Gbps ports, which is then connected to the datacentre backbone, capable of up to the cool 100MB per second bandwidth!

Enterprise Solutions

High security and performance

We run a solid infrastructure with RAID10 protected disk arrays and high performance Intel Xeon processors

24H Client Support

No question is too stupid

Our Technical support team is available to you around the clock